Week 22 Backache

This week had it moments, however overall good. It can be hard to have motivation some days and this week my days off were, again, separated rather than in a row so it can be hard to want to get anything done. This week I put off many things.

This week I do not have too much to report.

Symptoms This Week
I mainly noticed that at the end of the work day I would have more back pain. 
This week I noticed that I have popped a little. I am not huge by no means, but my tummy has grown quite a bit lately. I have some discomfort sometimes but nothing I cannot handle. It is also a little harder to get up off the couch, out of bed, up from a lower seat, or going up and down stairs multiple times.
I occasionally felt a little itchy on my belly and boobs, but rarely and the belly balm I use helps with that.
My appetite has increase a bit, but still can’t eat a lot of food at once. It get full quickly sometimes. I just need to eat often.
Uncle Bill’s Candle Lighting
May 7th, my family all lit a candle to remember my Uncle Bill. He is my dad’s brother. He passed away last year due to complications of heart surgery. I miss him and it is neat that baby Liam will share the same first name as him. 🙂 
Liam Updates
He is pretty active. I mainly feel him when I eat, driving, laying down at night, sitting sometimes, or singing. It can be random to. I do not notice him much at work while I am standing doing things.
According to my app, this week his hair is growing in thick, if he has some lol.
He is about a foot tall and weighs close to a pound.
Size of an ear of corn.
His sense of hearing is improving and probably can hear what I say. 🙂
I believe that is all I can update on week 22. I am now 23 weeks and 5 days and so much more to update this week! Thanks for reading!

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