Week 20 Ups, Downs, and Baby Gender Reveal

Before I start this blog, I want to point out that below is info about my WA baby shower, so if you are attending that, please be sure to read till the end. 🙂 

Week 20 was a roller coaster! I already posted about a hard day I had. A few days I was having a hard time keeping it together emotionally. I cried a lot, and was very moody. I had almost no patience at work and was not myself.

However, after trying very hard to change that and asking for prayers from friends and family, my week got better! I also had the baby ultrasound to look forward to and my birthday!

Cravings: Salad, friend chicken, corn on the cob, ice-cream. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
Symptoms: Moody, back pain, frequent bathroom breaks, and appetite increase.
Beginning weight: 128
Weight now: 139
Blood pressure at ultrasound: 136/77 mmHg

Baby was moving a lot this week, especially the day of the ultrasound! He continues to remind me he is there. ❤

Baby Ultrasound Appointment 4/27/2015

I was so excited and nervous! Ben and I had his older brother and father with us during the appointment, which was fun. Jodi and Spencer had to work. I enjoyed having family there. 
The appointment was suppose to start at 1:20pm. We didn’t see the doctor until around 3:00pm. This the due to the fact that he was on call and had to assist two births. So, lets just say we were so ANXIOUS and slightly irritated. I was okay, just nervous that we wouldn’t be seen and I was so excited to know the gender.
Finally the doctor comes in and gets started. It was so neat seeing the baby on the screen. The last time I saw the baby it was a small little blob at 6 weeks! This was an actual baby on the screen, moving, touching its face, and finally after moving my belly HE opened his legs to reveal his little parts. I instantly started crying and it was such an amazing moment. That moment I was seeing my son for the first time. 
Ben looked so happy and the family was happy. It was a very fun time. The doctor said the measurements were good and I had to drink a lot more water so he could get a good measurement of the head. 
I was originally due Sept. 8th and now it is Sept. 5th. 
Baby facts:
Gender: Boy
Name: William “Liam” Evan Stone II- named after Ben’s grandpa on his father’s side. He will go by Liam.
Nursery theme: Foxes
Nursery colors: Light orange, mint green, and grey.
Baby Due date: Sept. 5th.
Maternity Things I love this week
Snoogle!! Oh how I love thee. It is a life saver. I sleep better(still get up to pee a lot), but I do not toss and turn as often and my legs do not hurt anymore. SO comfy and highly recommend it!
Clothes for Liam
We wanted to get a few things after we found out the gender. Because shopping is just too much fun! We have a few more not pictured, but you can get an idea what we like. 😉

Eventually when the nursery is finished, I will have a blog post about that! Aren’t these outfits adorable?!! The last pic, I got that on my birthday the next day. I had a really nice birthday thanks to Jodi and Rob! Jodi and I had lunch and then later Rob joined us for dinner and baby shopping. We got a few things for the nursery. 🙂

WASHINGTON Baby Shower Info
IMPORTANT: If you are attending my WA baby shower, keep in mind that we will be flying. If you are interested in pitching in for a big item, contact me for more info about what local store to send it to or gift card it and make sure you check it off the registry! Smaller items I can check a bag with. Thank you so much!
SIDE NOTE: Also, another thing is that Ben and I looked into what products we really want to use on our baby, and we would appreciate it if you want to buy bath or body stuff to buy Honest Company or Babyganics. We also plan on only use Honest Company Diapers and wipes. Please get any size! We really appreciate it. Thank you in advance! 
Thank you for reading this blog post. I love to update everyone and it has been a fun journey thus far. 🙂

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