Patience is a virtue.

Today was a hard day. While driving to work, I did my usual pep talk to myself, ….”today will be a good day”….”I will respond to customers appropriately”…..”I will be in a good mood”. This is the life of someone who doesn’t necessarily like her job and wants to get threw the day without having a meltdown. I did these talks even before I became pregnant.

Long story short, it started out okay, but my mood was involuntarily down. I tried so hard to keep it together. I even took a short breather in the bathroom, and came back. It helped.

However, I started to feel very irritated, annoyed, and frustrated with people. No matter how well I played the part, some people got under my skin.

I got a customer complaint today. I have been getting them more since I became pregnant. I completely understand why, it could have be avoided however this person was completely uncooperative. I started out doing my job, calm, and even added eye contact! Wow, eye contact.

This was how our conversation went…

Customer: “I have four of them” hands me one.

Me: “I need to scan them all please”

Customer in a irritated manner: “You need to scan them all even though they’re all the same?”

Me in a calm manner: ” “I said that didn’t I?”

Customer totally freaked out on me.

I get it. I know I should have just said, yes. But she was like the MILLIONTH person to say this similar thing to me, expect more bitchy. So I mean I could have been worse. That was my day. I did not get in trouble really because my co workers know me and I am usually good at keeping it together.

This patience thing is harder and harder. Although, other days are a breeze for me with my emotions. Pregnancy gives you diarrhea of the mouth sometimes, and working retail can be very difficult.

I went to lunch a couple hours later, feeling like crap and also backache shooting down my back. I stayed home for second part of my day crying off and on about work, about life, and just about nothing. I cry feeling bad I stayed home. I cry because I am crying.

Good thing tomorrow is another day and another beginning.


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