Week 19 Bliss

As mentioned in my last post, every week of pregnancy is different. This week was great! I was in a good mood, for the most part, work was great, and I have felt good.

Symptoms week 19
  • Back pain– of course you know there is a baby growing and sitting wherever it pleases. 😉
  • Hard to fall asleep I haven’t gone to bed before 11pm in a while. I also toss and turn a billions times, and on adverse need to pee at least 3 times throughout the night.
  • Gas– yay me!
  • Bloat– I will share a pic, but the end of the day my belly is twice as big as it was in the morning!
  • Increase in appetite– this one I didn’t expect out of no where! One day I am eating just like before, then the next I want taco salad, corn on the cob, regular salad, kiwi slices, and ice-cream. All in one setting…… 
That is about it. I have a few TMI symptoms, but we will skip those.
Cravings this week
  • Fruit-apples
  • Fried chicken
  • Cocoa Pebbles cereal
  • Corn on the cob
  • Salad 
At least I have healthy things in there to.
Baby Update
We have officially ONE WEEK until we find out the gender. I am so excited! I am praying that he/she will show it lovely parts, because well I am too anxious to have to go back again, and we are flying next month to WA to visit family and friends with a baby shower. So I want to have the registry ready WITH gender related stuff! I am sure he/she will be a good baby and show their parts. 😉
I have little kicks all the time! Ben felt a little tiny kick and he wasn’t impressed HAHA! He is waiting for stronger ones. I do have random strong kicks, but Ben is never around for those.
Things that make baby move the most:
  • Almost anytime I eat but cold things like ice-cream, juice, and the such
  • Fruit
  • Food when it has been awhile since I eat
  • When I am sitting or laying down for a while, especially on my side
That’s the update! I turn 20 weeks tomorrow so I am HALF WAY THERE! It is surreal and I am so stocked to see our little one on the screen next Monday. 😀

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