Week 18 Struggles

Every week in pregnancy is different. Every day in pregnancy is different. HECK, every hour is different in pregnancy! However, most of the time the whole week is either really good or no so good.

Week 18 has been a roller coaster of emotions. I seemed to be stressed and depressed. I do not recall the thoughts I was having. I just was blah and very irritated. I felt down and it seemed like I was not myself. Towards the end of week 18 I have been feeling better. Tomorrow starts week19 and so far I have felt great.

I feel so helpless with my emotions and I honestly can say that it can be so bad that I do not care what others think. This is usually at work. I work in a retail setting so it can be hard to keep a professional and positive manner while talking and tending to people all day. Working full time has been a struggle and I can only imagine what it will be like when I am further along during the hot summer months. Good grief what was I thinking?!

Sometimes I do feel bad for the way I am and try to control what I do when I get negative because of the pregnancy hormones. I cannot seem to figure out how to be more happy or not so grumpy, however I do try to at least not take it out on anyone. So far I have manage to be great to my husband! I have my moments, but most of my craziness happens at work. Why? Well I do not always have the patience for grumpy, unintelligent, or plain ridiculous customers.

Any positives this week?

I can say that it has been amazing to feel the baby ALL THE TIME now, which is so fun. They are stronger kicks or punches. I have not noticed if we can see them yet. He or she moves the most when I eat, have something sweet, or just chilling in bed not moving. My husband has not been able to feel the baby, but usually when I get up to tell him, he or she stops.

Here’s to week 19 being a great one!


  One thought on “Week 18 Struggles

  1. April 13, 2015 at 11:18 PM

    Babies move the most when we aren't!! Dillon moved a ton when I would watch America's funniest home videos and would laugh to hard! Don't get to down on yourself about your mood swings, your body is creating another human being!! Probably the hardest thing your body will ever do. So give yourself time, I'm proud of you for not taking it out on your hubby. I can't wait to read the blog post about what gender baby is! I'm still rooting boy only God knows for sure right now! You and that sweet goober are in my nightly prayers ♡


  2. April 14, 2015 at 5:49 AM

    Hormones are no fun. But being pregnant and working isn't either. It's a double work load. 🙂


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