Pregnancy Collage

I am 17 weeks pregnant today! I cannot believe how fast the weeks go by. I feel as though it was just 16 weeks yesterday. I only have about 4 weeks to go until we find out the sex of our baby and I am so excited. I am getting more and more anxious. I want to buy gender related things, but I have to wait. I have found very cute neutral things but we are waiting to shop until April 27th, the day before my birthday and the day we find out the sex.

Once we find out the sex, I will share our registry and I will post more about what our nursery theme is and how we are going to decorate it. 🙂 If you are family and reading this I love to share this journey since I do not see you.

Comment below or comment on the Facebook post – what your vote is- boy or girl?!
My gut says boy, but I would love to have a little girl. 🙂
Pregnancy Belly Collage
Click on it to see it bigger
My belly has grown a lot in 4 months! I like the progress I have and so far I have gained 3 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. I was 128 and now 131. I was not sure if that was good or not because I always thought you instantly gained quickly, but the first trimester if you do it right or depending on your body, you don’t need to gain a lot right away. He had no concerns so far which is great to hear!

I haven’t had a lot of symptoms since my last post about it, and some have lessen over time. However I have a few.
Backache– I have this after working all day or if I slouch.
Burping– I burp often and sometimes not even after drinking.
Gas– depending on what I eat.
Cravings– fried chicken, apple juice, and honey nut cheerios. Those three things are what I have consistantly wanted lately. 
Cramps– I sometimes get those side of the tummy cramps that like feel as though you are being pulled from the inside and it stays that way for a few mins then goes away. Like when you are running and get those side cramps? It is similar to that.
Cannot sleep well– I either take a long time to fall asleep or toss and turn all night, but is usually both.
Shortness of breath– this isn’t as bad as it was, but stairs does it to me still and depending on how active I am that day like going all day or work.
Have I felt the baby move?
Not sure if I can feel baby yet, but sometimes down below I think I feel little bubbles, which they say could be baby. But nothing obvious yet!
Favorite Pregnancy Things I am Using
This is amazing! Retails as $16 for a 3.5 oz however a little goes a long ways and I love the way it makes me feel. I do not have any stretch marks yet and only have been using this for over a week. 
It smells interesting, but doesn’t make you smell like that all day. Also, I use this morning and night.
I got these for $19 on sale at Old Navy. I also got a boot cut with a smaller band for $19 to, but it has fake pockets and so I use that one sometimes haha! Plus I love skinny jeans!
The pictured one above is extremely comfortable! I just started to hate my bella band that I bought to keep my old jeans on, but I had to adjust it all the time and using the bathroom was annoying. So when I saw these on sale I snatched them up!

I believe that is really it lately and as you can tell, the symptom list is not as long as before. These are basically the things I notice often in the past few weeks. It has been great being in the 2nd trimester. 
That is it for this entry. I love you all and wish I could see my friends and family from afar. But stay tuned, I may have great news!!! 

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