I feel "fat".

Today I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought, wow I sure have popped a little. I feel bigger than the other day. It is crazy to me how quickly things change when you are pregnant.

Today’s pregnancy symptoms:

Slight headache-like in the temple area and it doesn’t even really hurt, but been lingering all day.

I have been gassy the past few days. I blame Taco Bell and need to stop eating there.

Dry mouth even though I have been drinking water all day. Also really dry lips.

My stomach feels a little tighter and I feel bigger.

My right boob hurts more than usual which I think is kinda funny.

I burp all the time!

That’s pretty much it today. I actually didn’t lay around the house all day on my day off like I usually do, so I can tell my 1st trimester fatigue is fading, for now. I do have better days and some days I am tired.

I made some beef stuff from scratch in the crock pot, which I am proud of because I am sick of eating canned food or quick meals that I know aren’t too healthy. I figure I can make these big meals on my days off and eat it throughout the week. It tastes so much better than canned beef stew.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good night!
-Kristina 13weeks6days

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