13 weeks and 2 Days

As my last week in the first trimester comes to an end, honestly I have had a pretty smooth pregnancy thus far. Granted, a few things are not comfortable and I have been feeling crummy, however nothing like what I have read or what others have experienced.

Pregnancy symptoms I have had so far (do not read on if you are not comfortable hearing about bodily functions or girl stuff, you have been warned):

Fatigue-very bad in the beginning until I got the hang of being pregnant. I still suffer a bit. I go to bed early or at least get into bed early. Naps when I have a day off of work.

A little breast tenderness especially the nipples, but nothing bad.

Moodiness-like give me food now or die. I cry more and about nothing sometimes. Extreme irritability in the first few weeks.

Sour stomach from time to time depending on the day or what I eat.

I can smell random stuff which is expected and I haven’t felt sick much by smells.

TMI ALERT. No morning sickness, but bathroom time can be surprising. Sometimes I have to be there for a while.

Gas. Go and run. Now.

Food aversions. Like in the beginning, the first few weeks, I like didn’t feel like ANYTHING to eat. I had to force myself to eat sometimes. I am a little better. Nothing makes me sick really, but I can’t really eat eggs, beef sometimes, or random stuff.

My left EAR has been plugged for about a week now. At first it wasn’t too bad, but now I can barley hear out of it. It was plugged, not as bad, for the first week I found out of was preggers but it went away.

Girly bodily fluids……? We will skip that. If you are interested because you may be preggers are may get preggers soon, message me.

I smell different. It’s odd.

Prenatal vitamins aren’t making me sick, but they do make me feel a little crummy for a few mins, and then it goes away.

Back aches often, especially at work standing all day. But it can hurt at home sitting so I see what my future holds.

My pants fit, but a little snug where my tummy is getting bigger, so I am now wearing my size 6-8 instead of 3-4. It feels better for now. ;P

Shortness of breath when I goupstairs too fast or walk too fast, or talk too much lol. I also have a heavy chest sometimes and hard to take deep breaths but that doesn’t last long.

Nails are growing incredibly fast!

I toss and turn a lot more at night.

I need to pee at least once to twice an hr. Sometimes I only need to get up once at night, but more often than not three times depending on how much water I had that day.

I think that is it. I will edit if I think of more. This is for my friends and family back home because they want to be apart of this and I miss them. 🙂 ❤

Things that happen often since I got pregnant: 

“How are you feeling?” Every day.

If I seem, not okay I get “Are you feeling okay?”

“You feel that way now, just wait till later” comments.

Lovely pregnancy stories people like to tell me that make me not want to be pregnant.

“Can I see your belly?” or “Can I touch your belly?” almost every day.

So I totally get it now, now that I am pregnant.

How is the hubby feeling?

He is very supportive. He is getting use to the fact that I am pregnant because it doesn’t seem like we are having a baby yet. I just started to really “show” and to him it doesn’t look like a baby bump.

He is excited but of course stressed about a few things. That’s life.

We have a bet going on that I strongly believe it’s a boy and so he said he bets it is a girl. Whoever wins, gets something? We don’t know yet.

He is all over the baby room decorations. He loves to design.

He does everything I ask and am grateful.


Is liking my growing body…

Listens even if I complain.

How is mom doing?

Excited, but sometimes terrified.


Sometimes I see babies and cry because I cannot wait to hold mine for the first time.

Then I am scared because I never had a baby before. Good thing I have done childcare so I know a few things.

Overall, in a good state of mind.

My pregnancy journey so far with our first and it’s a good one.


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  One thought on “13 weeks and 2 Days

  1. March 5, 2015 at 9:47 PM

    Hang in there, it only gets better. I like your blog. It's cute!


  2. March 9, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Thanks Rachel!


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