A Mother’s Pumpkin Patch Reflections

This year during our family time at the Thomasson Family Farm I was thrown into a whirl wind of emotions and memories of the past year. We came to this very same farm last year when Liam was almost 2 months old. I remember seeing all of the activities he would be able to do once he got older. This year I experienced joy as our little boy enjoyed himself on the farm. As cliche as it sounds, this past year has gone by way too fast!

Pumpkin Patch Fun a Year Later

Pumpkin Patch 2015 and 2016


Reflecting over the year I think of all of the challenging and amazing moments as a mother.

  • I remember the long, tiresome nights with tears and hair pulling.
  • I remember the snuggles in bed.
  • I remember the first time Liam crawled.
  • I remember the first time he said momma.
  • I remember the insecurities and the guilt for dreading the nights or the feedings.
  • I remember all of the family moments going on adventures and creating memories.

This time last year I carried Liam around in his carrier. I breastfeed in the Corn Maze. He did so well! This year he is a big boy and walking around exploring with family, riding in his new stroller, and loving his little tiny pumpkin that daddy found for him. Life goes on and you better keep up!

Going to the same place around the same time a year later brought all of these emotions and memories. I am excited to see more pictures like this in the future. He grows and learns so fast! Please slow down.


Small Business Shoutout Series: Green Beauty Cosmetics Review

Today I bring you Green Beauty Cosmetics. I have been a huge fan for years and the first time I used Mati’s products I knew I would be coming back. The quality and effectiveness are the reasons you will want to repurchase!

Disclaimer: Some products mentioned in this review were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the products.

I also want to note that some of these are sample sizes and do not depict the actual size of the products.

Green Beauty Cosmetics Mission

This small business is ran by Mati Fuller, a women who believes you can achieve your cosmetics desires without compromising your health. Her mission is to make women feel better about themselves by creating products that fights aging and brings out the natural beauty.

Mati’s shop is the definition of ageless beauty!

Shop disclaimer:

Since none of the Green Beauty Cosmetics products have been tested on animals, I assume no liability for any kind of allergic reaction, eruption or any other damages that the products may potentially cause, including (but not limited to) loss of wages, revenues or business, or disappointed expectations of any kind. The customer must agree, before buying the products, that if they are not happy with them, the only solution shall be that they stop using the products. If, however, an allergic reaction or eruption should occur, a full refund for the cost of the products will be given as the only form of compensation.
No other form of compensation will be given. -Green Beauty Cosmetics

About Mati!

I was born and raised in Bergen, Norway and came to the USA in 1985. I have worked for myself most of my adult life, and I always have at least 3-4 projects going on at the same time because there is just so little time and soooo many cool ideas to create! I have a 2 highly spirited indigo kids and 4 gorgeous, snugly cats.

I live in a tiny town in the mountains of Colorado, and I love the silence – it is such a source of inspiration for me because everything is so beautiful and majestic here. It makes me feel like I’m an important part of something so much bigger than myself!

I’m alive, which to me is the most exciting thing, ever! Every day is a new day, with new possibilities and new potential!!! So, when I first open my eyes in the morning, I ask myself, what shall I create today? And, as soon as fresh ideas start coming, I can’t wait to jump out of bed and get started! I just love being alive!!! -Mati

Where can you find Green Beauty Cosmetics?

Site: http://www.greenbeautycosmetics.com/

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenBeautyCosmetics

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenBeautyCosmetics/?fref=ts

My Experience with Green Beauty Cosmetics

Every single encounter I have had with Mati have been pleasant and helpful. She is quick to respond and always professional. She seems to me to be a very kind and passionate person. She takes her job seriously and every product I have purchased have been in great condition and the packaging always clean. I have never had a problem.

Dealing with women on a regular basis, I have discovered that most of us feel bad about how we look. We don’t love ourselves enough, which is sad. But, perhaps this can be changed. Perhaps, natural skincare can become the perfect excuse to love yourself…-Mati

Products sent for this review

The Mineral Face Balm


This product is a great if you are looking for hydration, protection from the elements(sun, wind, snow) and safe ingredients. This product is not a foundation and is not intended to cover.

What is advertised for The Mineral Face Balm and did it work for me?

  •  Rubs in easily and feels creamy and moisturizing on the skin.
    • This is very easy to rub in and it is so creamy and mosturizing. It continues to moisturize all day. 
  • The face balm is an oily cream that feels good on dry or sensitive skin
    • I now have very dry skin ever since my pregnancy in 2015 so this product truly brings life to my face and keeps the flakes away.
  • The color nicely blends into light skin and leaves no whiteness
    • This does not cover my redness completely but does help even out the skin tone with the touch of color it does have. It brings a beautiful glow to the face.
  • Contains 11.6% micronized zinc oxide and 11.6% micronized titanium dioxide (NO nano particles)
    • I love this feature beacuse that means no white in photos and safe!
  • Reflects both UVB and UVA rays away from the skin
    • I have not gotten sun burned!
  • Contains oils that naturally absorb radiation, such as sesame oil, avocado oil and organic coconut oil
    • These are amazing oils and so healthy for your skin.
  • Smells good, feels good and keeps your skin looking beautiful
    • This great for those who do not like strong smells. I like that I cannot smell much because sometimes the smells can be too much.
  • Pocket size – take it with you and apply it anytime!
    • The size is great and fits perfectly in my purse.
  • A little bit goes a long way!
    • This is very true!

Ingredients: avocado oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, iron oxides, kaolin clay, vitamin E, vanilla

This is a very nice product to use if you need a quick pick me up. I love how easy and smooth the application is. I use my fingers to blend it into my skin and add a little more on my red areas. It brings a beautiful glow to the skin and keeps it feel so moist and plump!

Eye Brightener  


If you are looking for a product that brings a beautiful glow to your face, this is the product! It is a lovely addition to my makeup collection.

What is advertised for Eye Brightener and did it work for me?

  • Brightens the eye area
    • This brings a lovely glow that will have you look in the mirror over and over
  • Evens out skin tone
    • My experience with this is that it does help bring a slight color to the skin 
  • Titanium dioxide reflects light away from fine lines and wrinkles
    • I do see an improvement when I use this!
  • Titanium dioxide provides sun protection close to the eye
    • I have never had any problems with the sun in this area but it is great to be protected
  • Oil free and fragrance free
    • I love that it does not have a smell
  • Doesn’t dissolve your mascara
    • This does not do anything to my mascara
  • Highly moisturizing
    • This is amazing!
  • Doesn’t look pasty in daylight
    • This is very true and continues to look great all day
  • Made to match the natural tinted moisturizers
    • It also goes well with the face balm
  • Works well as an eye makeup primer
    • This is great for that

Ingredients: glycerin, oat starch, plant based emulsifiers, shea butter, rosewater, geogard ultra preservative, licorice root extract, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, guar gum

The best thing about this product is the beautiful glow it gives you.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


What is advertised: The hyaluronic acid moisturizer serum is so light it just melts into the skin and leaves it silky smooth and deliciously moisturized. It is made to penetrate deep into the skin to increase water levels, plump up the skin cells and make the appearance of fine lines less visible. If you only want to use ONE product, this would be the one!

What I love about this product:

  • This works very well at moisturizing the skin.
  • It does make the skin silky!
  • A little goes a long way.

What I do not like about the product: The only downfall in my opinion is the strong smell it has to me. It may not be that way for all. I cannot pin point the exact smell and it does smell nice, however very strong smell that lasts for awhile. With that being said I use this at night to minimize how long I smell it.

Ingredients: water and Abyssinian oil, rosewater and vegetable glycerin, corn starch and hibiscus flower extract, fermented sea kelp and hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and macadamia seed oil, soybean oil and grapeseed oil, soybean lecithin and beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter, rosehip seed and tamanu oil, olive squalane and vitamin E and vanilla, geranium and xanthan gum and carrot seed oil, plant based emulsifiers, geogard ultra preservative and yogurt

Lavender Body Lotion


What is advertised: Made with rich oils and butters, the lavender lotion is a good choice for dry or mature skin types. Because this is a slightly thicker lotion, more like a thick cream, it is also excellent as a hand cream or a face cream. The natural body lotion is softly scented with vanilla, lavender and rose geranium essential oils which are all beneficial for dry skin conditions.

What I love about this product:

  • It makes my skin very soft.
  • It smells good but not a strong smell.
  • Keeps my face moisturized all day!
  • Gives my skin a nice glow.
  • I love using this on my face because it gives it extra moisture during the winter.

Ingredients: water and plant based emulsifier, soybean oil and coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, cocoa butter and vegetable glycerin, lecithin and honey, chamomile and green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and palm stearic acid, geogard ultra and kaolin, hydrolyzed oat and yogurt powder, vitamin E and vanilla oil, rose geranium oil and lavender, xanthan gum

Cream Blush/Lipstick in Rose


What is advertised for this product: This cream blush is made for women who want a blush that looks sheer, translucent and natural. The cream blush blends in easily and leaves the face with a subtle and healthy glow. The blush colors even match the colors of the lip tints, for a more complete and harmonious look. Yes, it has to be re-applied once in a while, but it looks so sheer and natural that it is worth the effort of an occasional touch up.

What I love about this product:

  • It does not stick to the spot you first rubbed it on so it blends very nicely.
  • It does give you a nice natural glow and you can build it up to your desired look.
  • It smells nice.
  • It gives your lips a beautiful natural tone.

Ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, soybean oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, mica, stevia leaf, tocopherol, kaolin clay

Other Products I have Purchased in the Past

  • Oatmeal Face Scrub:
    • This is in powder form and you mix this with water or cleanser and feels great on the skin.
  • Tinted Moisturizer:
    • This was one of my first I have tried as a sample and then purchased full size later. I love this better than the foundation because it gives enough color to even the skin tone yet gives a beautiful glow!
  • Mineral Foundation:
    • The difference between this and the tinted moisturizer is that it is matte and has a little more coverage.It is so smooth and leaves the skin looking fresh! I love this and is great for a more put together look. I will say it is not like traditional foundations because this is a natural foundation after all.
  • Natural Lip Balm:
    • One of my favorites because it gives you a great glow look and this looks great over the lip tints. They smell great and last a long time. You usually have a coupon with every purchase for a free lip balm.

Overall Green Beauty Cosmetics is an amazing alternative to name brand cosmetics because as stated before you can achieve your makeup or skincare desires without compromising your health. It can take some time to adjust to natural or safe cosmetics but in the long run your skin and health will thank you. I am happy to bring you this wonderful shop.



Small Business Shoutout Series: Heather’s Homemade Essentials Review

I am thrilled to announce that I am starting a small business review series! This is my chance to support small business by bringing you amazing products and brands! I have been working with a few small shops on etsy and today I will be talking about Heather’s Homemade Essentials. I was sent these products for free in exchange for my honest review. 

ALSO, details below about a GIVEAWAY!

Heather’s Homemade Essentials

This lovely shop is made with love in Montana! Heather is a mother of a beautiful boy who she uses essential oils on daily. She says her products are “born from my own experiences as a women and mother”. Her goal is to make all natural products convenient and affordable for everyone to use! Do not hesitate to contact her with any questions.

Shop Owner Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional. None of my products are reviewed by the FDA, so I cannot make any claims on the health benefits of my products. I can only offer my opinion based on research, product testing and customer reviews. Take this into consideration when shopping. Please look at ingredient list for allergies. Thank you🙂

Although essential oils are considered safe and natural, they should not be used on babies or during pregnancy/nursing unless approved by your physician.

Where to find Heather’s Homemade Essentials

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HsHomemadeEssentials?ref=profile_shopname

Check out Heather’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hhEssentials/?fref=ts

Also you can join her neat Facebook group to know more info about her product launches and promotions. She is currently having a giveaway for a $25 shop credit!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1176919055675353/


My First Impressions with Customer Service

My initial contact with Heather was sweet and very quick response. I love how helpful she was when I had questions and how knowledgeable she was about essential oils.

Calm Baby and Teething Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

These rollerballs where my first encounter with essential oils with my one year old son, Liam. I will use both of these during bedtime. I will also use Teething during the day when Liam needs it.

Calm Baby-These oils are calming and relaxing to promote fast and restful sleep.

To use: Roll it on the bottom of feet, back of the ears, or back of the neck.

Price: $8.00.

Size: 10 mL glass bottle

Materials: Essential oils of Lavender and Frankincense, fractionated coconut oil

  • The smell is very lovely! It is not that odd artificial lavender smell. It is a nice sweet earthy lavender smell.
  • When I am consistent with using this everyday, a few mins before bed, it seems like Liam wont give me as much of a fuss going down to bed. It did not keep him asleep but calmed him.
  • I loved using it for myself and helped me fall asleep.
  • It also has lasted me almost a month and I still have plenty!

Teething-“If you have a teething, cranky baby or toddler, you NEED this blend. This is my most sold and most used. It has gotten me through almost 2 years of teething. It is amazingly convenient in the middle of the night and I would be lost without it!”

To use: Apply externally along baby’s jawline and/or at the base of the skull.

Price: $10.

Size: 10 mL glass bottle

Materials: fractionated coconut oil, Lavender essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil.

  • The smell is a nice chamomile scent
  • When used correctly this oil did seem to ease Liam’s teething! I know this because if I did not use this he would be fussier at night or during the day.
  • This is also lasting me for almost a month and I still have plenty!

A reminder!

Remember that different oils work for different people. It is not guaranteed that this specific blend will work for you. I do, however, want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, please contact me.
Replace cap tightly, Store in a cool dark place, Do not get into eyes, Do not ingest, Keep out of reach of children.
A test patch on skin is always recommended in case of unlikely sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

Heather’s shop offers so many Roller Blends options like Anti-snore or In the Mood. Take a look at the endless essential blends that can improve your way of life. Heather also offers products like Balms/Salves, Body Butters, Body Scrubs, Lip Balm, and Sets. My overall experience with her was pleasant and quick! I highly suggest checking out this small shop of high quality essential oils interest you! Use LOVEATFIRSTKICK15 at the checkout for 15% off!



Heather kindly sent another pair of Calm Baby and Teething Roller Blends to give away to one lucky winner!

How to enter:

  1. Go to my official Facebook like page and like my page Love at First Kick.
  2. Then comment below your Facebook name and your favorite essential oil to be entered.

Extra entries:

  1. Follow this blog.
  2. Like this blog post.

Add your extra entry info in the comment as well. Good luck!

MORE INFO: Giveaways ends October 16th two weeks from now. I will announce the winner October 17th via Facebook to get your shipping information. You must be 18 years or older. Lastly, USA only.





Round Three Teething

We are in round three of the teething process in the Stone house. This time around it caught me off guard. Recalling the symptoms I say he has been teething a little over a week. In case you are new to this site, Liam is now 13 months old. The teeth that are coming in are the two top teeth that are right against the two front top teeth. You can see them in the photo above; boogers and all.

Liam’s symptoms

  • Very clingy
  • Moody
  • Crying over nothing or frustrated very easily
  • Throws more fits with just about anything
  • Eats less food
  • Being testy with things he knows he cannot do over and over
  • Putting everything in his mouth
  • Putting his hand in his mouth a lot
  • Sleeping is worse and he wakes up more often
  • Wants to nurse more often
  • Excessive Drooling

The main symptom that he usually has when he is teething is excessive drooling. However this time it is not that way so that is why I was thrown off! *Edit I wrote this a few days ago and he is now drooling like crazy! The teeth have pop through but continue to grow down. He just did not start with drooling like he usually does.

Liam only acts like this at home. If we are out and about, he does amazingly! The only time he may become cranky is if we have been out for a long time. He loves to be out of the house and that seems to distract him from the teething.

The things we do to comfort him:

  1. An essential oil roller ball I have seems to calm him a bit. I use a teething blend and also a calming lavender blend.
  2. Nursing always makes him feel better
  3. Teething tablets– Edit: there is a new warning on the FDA website to not use the herbal teething tablets or gel. Check out the warning HERE.
  4. Frozen key toy
  5. A bath 

Teething is rough for a kid. It seems we may be close to the end of this round! It gets worse before it gets better.

What must you have to survive teething?

  • patience
  • wine
  • distractions
  • music

Remember it will not last forever. It may be weeks however once it is over, your child is a whole new person!

What are some things you do to help your child get through teething?


Toddler Milestone Surprise with a Toy Car

Last week Liam showed me that he has been learning new skills I did not know he could do! Below is a video showing you the joys of motherhood. I am also doing a quick review of the toy with a 12 month old boy. Eventually I will update this as the months go by while he continues to learn how to use this toy.

Huiletoys 516 Fruit Car gifted by Second Cousin Lacey and Family 

Features about this toy:

  • This is a nice quality learning toy. I love that it not only teaches shapes and color, but also food, numbers, and letters.
  • Inside three of the six shapes is a fruit that matches the color and a shape on the top that starts with that food.
  • The other three have the numbers 1-3 on the top with a fruit inside as well. Example: letter B goes with the yellow banana.
  • The hatchback trunk opens up and teaches children how to open and close.
  • The toy plays music and moves around when you turn it on using the switch on the bottom of the car. You also have an option to turn off the music while it moves.


  • The one thing I did notice that was off is in the second picture below: the 3 on the heart is backwards, so you would need to put the heart upside down to show that it is a 3.
  • When looking around to see where my cousin got this toy, I see it is not easy to get as in it is not in local stores. It is not an American toy so you must order online. I found a site that sells it here.

Thoughts about the toy: This is one of the toys that Liam plays with the most. He loves to put the shapes in his mouth or shake the shapes to hear the fruit hit the plastic to create noise. He also likes to push the car around. I love to also interact with him to teach him to put the shapes in the right hole and eventually teach him about the other features like the colors or numbers.
I will update later once we get batteries of the movement and music feature mentioned above. Here is a youtube video demonstrating it. I will film my own video to share of Liam playing with it as it drives around soon.

Video Demonstrating the shape learning with Liam(12 months old) for the first time:

What has your child learned recently? What toys do you play with your one year old?

A Special Weekend Visit from Virginian Family

Nana and Paw Paw Stone, and Uncle Spencer came to visit earlier this month. They have not seen Liam in person since he was two weeks old! At that time he was so tiny and so new. It was such a joy to see them all together with Liam again. Everyone ate up the cuteness.

Here are some pictures that showed how much we all enjoyed the weekend together. Until next time!

Friday Zoo and Lunch Adventure


Saturday Snoqualmie Falls and Lunch Adventure 

Having us all together was a joy and the memories we created will stay with me. Liam loved the attention and love. These photos will be very fun to look back on and share with Liam when he is older.

What are some family adventures you have been on recently?

Reflections While Nursing a Toddler

Breastfeeding is an amazing journey full of cuddles, giggles, baby hair sniffing, pain, exhaustion, sacrifice, and pride. As I start to lean towards the weaning process it makes me both happy and sad.
I want my body back yet I enjoy the closeness we share. I want my space back yet I love the look he gives me. I want my time again yet I love how I can always make him feel better. I want my sleep yet I love his hand grasping my shirt.
This experience has taught me many things. Many things that I need to either work on or things that are out of my control. Breastfeeding is something you must give into completely. It is something that is a complete sacrifice. And I believe it is worth every tear, every wake up, and every pound they gain.

Breastfeeding is the prime example of a love/hate relationship. You learn that it becomes your whole life. You learn people will have advice or opinions that they will share regardless of your standpoint. You learn you second guess yourself even though your gut is always right.

You learn your not the person you once were. You were selfish and you could do things on your own time. You are now a mother. You know must let go of just thinking of yourself. Breastfeeding is your life. But it does not consume it if you learn to embrace it as a part of you not all of you.

As I go into toddlerhood, I have many thoughts of when I want to end the breastfeeding relationship. Today you have so many options or advice on what you should or should not do. There are many factors that can come into play as to why someone wants to wean their child of breastfeeding. There is no set timeframe and honestly, there should be no pressure to stop. I am now okay with slowly weaning and once again going with the flow. That has seem to work well with most things this past year. When I start to stress out about it or try to push it, tension or stress happens with Liam and it does not goes as well. Patience is key to anything. Just like having patience with mealtime, I am having patience with the weaning process. The glorious virtue that I need to work on the most is testing me daily.

Breastfeeding a toddler makes you feel like a pro however can also make you feel like you are controlled by it. But as the days go by the nursing is less and less. And I am going to enjoy every moment because someday I will miss the bonding with just Liam and me. I am going to miss the one thing I can have with him. I will also enjoy having my space. It is bittersweet.

When did you stop nursing and why?