Imprinted on the Heart

In the midst of chaos and utter failures that creep into my mind, sometimes a simple thing will remind me that the storms will pass, growth will happen, lessons will be learned, and the next struggle of parenthood will be less difficult.

Children teach you the hardest lessons in life. They teach you to let go of your high expectations that are seemly impossible and rather too much to ask for in a small human that is still learning. They teach you that you can achieve things without juggling the to do lists, stressing over Mom guilt, or perfection.

Sometimes as a homemaker or stay at home mom, you learn what you are horrible at and how much you need to grow in order to truly thrive as a mother. Sometimes you simply feel like you are surviving as a mother instead of thriving.

When you get stuck in the spiraling chaos that is your own mind, your household is effected. It is not intentional however, a homemaker is a job you do not know how it is until you do it. It breaks away your comfort zone, it creates doubts, and it can bring forth many issues if you do not stop and pray, and create an environment that both your children, husband, and yourself can thrive.

That is a large task! If you go into it in the wrong mindset, you will fail and get frustrated. If you let go of everything, start over, organize your day, and work on yourself, you will create an environment that helps all.

In the middle of the hard times like a growing toddler who is learning how to communicate and handle their emotions, it can really take a toll on your thriving environment and attitude.

But a little reminder such as a adorable, chalk handprint on your sofa can bring you back to the important things in life and help you create a game plan during the tough times.

Take care of yourself and breathe. Let God take some of the burden. It is simple as that. He will bring clarity.

If you are in the trenches of toddlerhood I am with you and may this period of time bring growth and forgiveness within ourselves.

Liam’s Two and a Half Year Update

The trying two’s have reared it’s ugly head these past few months. Liam has learned many new things and many new words since his second birthday.





  • What has changed the most in the past six months is Liam’s ability to tell us what he wants. Although, many times we may not understand what he is saying, it is able to communicate very well now.
  • He is still a bit shy around those who he does not know, however he will still talk to other kids he may see at the park or adults that he meets.
  • He uses his manners and smiles to those who talk to him.
  • When talked to by an adult, he will respond with sentences, even if they are not understood well.
  • He is a bit rough while he plays with others however does show compassion if he truly understands they are hurt or if he may have done something to them. He does shy away from apologizing at times.



  • Liam can now talk in sentences.
  • He tells us how he feels. For an example: “That hurt my body”. “I want(insert want) please”. “I want to go outside”. Simple things like that.
  • He is able to recall past experiences for an example ” nana and papa ride on airplane” referring to the fact they left for VA after Christmas.
  • He no longer uses signsto communicate.
  • He knows all of his family’s names that he is around.
  • He knows his age and his mom and dad’s.

Cognitive Skills


  • Liam has a great memory and can remember how we did something the last time we did it. For an example; if we played with play dough and he wanted me to build a trolley from Daniel Tiger, he will remember exactly how I made it when we go to play with play dough again.
  • Liam is able to recognize a pair and say two without having to count, one two.
  • Liam loves a few educational series on Amazon and he is able to soak that information up easily. Just in a few days he is able to count with a few teen numbers.
  • He tends to use words in his own way even if corrected. For an example; he can say say small words like cup correctly but a larger word he will mess it up like helicopter. if I try to break down the word, like copter, he is able to say it mostly right, but all together has a hard time.
  • Liam remembers the strangest things. For an example when visiting family in Oregon, he noticed his great uncle leaving in a yellow car. When we got home, a car was mentioned and he starting talking about the yellow car leaving.
  • He still knows his shapes. He will recognize shapes and point them out in everything.
  • He knows all of the basic colors.
  • He can count to 12 without messing up. He tries to count in the teens and knows a few like 17 18 19.
  • He is able to do a small floor puzzle by finding pieces of the animals; with help.


Fine Motor Skills

  • Liam has great balance and is now being more bold by trying more challenge things.
  • He can climb children rock climbing stairs.
  • He is able to balance on things such an arm of a chair, walking alongside a playground wall, or on play equipment.
  • He is able to use a spoon and fork easier.
  • He is able to use a normal cup without spilling, a lot of the time.
  • He can take off his clothes.



  • Liam has been using his imagination so much these past months.
  • He loves playing “house”: playing under the blanket in our room.
  • He loves painting and creating things he has seen before like the sun or waterfall.
  • He likes to draw or imagine people he knows in his artwork.
  • Liam enjoys outside time and going to the park.
  • He likes to role play with his animals or stuffed animals.
  • We pretend there are monsters and run and hide, but also pretend they are nice.
  • Liam loves cars, firetrucks, trucks, and airplanes.
  • He is obsessed with monster trucks.
  • Lately he likes to pretend to be a baby.
  • Books are not grabbed as often during the day, but loves reading at bedtime.



  • He still hates getting his diaper changed, but refuses to learn to use the potty most times.
  • He does not like the idea of going to bed.
  • He does not like trying new foods.
  • He doesn’t like to have to sit for a long period of time like a car trip or stroller ride.

New Behaviors

  • No is a huge word lastly of course.
  • Liam is now liking to use the negative attention during the day because we are starting to get a bit bored this winter. I became a stay at home mom again back in October.
  • Liam doesn’t like to talk when he wakes up from nap and I have learned that the hard way. He is grumpy and I have learned to snuggle and snack right when he gets up and he has less issues.
  • He is his usual silly self. When playing with other kids, he likes to tell them what not to do or what to do in his best way. For an example, when playing with his cousin Aria, he will tell her no or tell her what toy he wanted.
  • He will try more challenging things on the playground like the tire swing.
  • He is talking a lot more now.
  • If he knows he has hurt his mom or dad, he will say sorry.
  • When told what to do, he will say “okay momma”.
  • We still share a room because of our situation and about four months ago he started sleeping on our bed rather than his.
  • He no longer cries at bedtime. For a period of time when putting him down he would cry for a little while or go down fine but end up crying for whatever reason. He has no sleeping issues right now!
  • He is now in 24 months and fits many 2t’s.

Potty Training

This is a very slow process for us. He is not interested. However, lately if I catch him pooping, if I ask him if he wants to use the big toilet, he says yes and finishes on the toilet.

I have tried asking him to go or putting him on the toilet often throughout the day, but he fights it hard.

I have tried putting on fun underwear and reminding him to tell me if he needs to pee or poo. That was not successful after a couple of days.

I have not been consistent because he makes it a very negative experience.

The little candies have been helping. He sometimes will ask to go. I am letting him lead it for a couple of months and then I will try again with more putting him on the potty. We sing Daniel Tiger songs, he watches shows with potty’s, and books are read. Fingers crossed that he will finally want to go.

These are just a few things I can think of  that Liam has learned over the past six months. He has grown so much already and communicates so much. He is so fun to play with and a joy seeing him pretend. The months are quick. Soon he will be three before we know it!





Liam’s Two Year Update

Liam has grown so much since his last update post. He talks non-stop and knows his colors and shapes. His little personality is silly as ever with a tornado of attitude. This update is full of exciting things!


This update is everything from 18 months to about his second birthday.


  • He loves being silly and messing around.
    • For an example: You ask him for kisses and he just smiles and looks away.
    • He runs away and hides when he wants you to chase him.
  • If Liam wants you to be with him he either pulls your legs to come to where he wants you or says “sit” and pats the area he wants you to sit with him.
  • If you are hurt he asks “you okay?”
  • Sits in your lap when he wants you to read with him.
  • He will go to the front door and say outside if he wants to go play on the slide.
  • He will copy what you do or say like for an example if the guys cheer at the screen when the game is intense he will to.
  • If he does not want to do something he will say “no book” or “no(insert thing)”.
  • He gets angry if you do not let him do something he really wants to do and yells NO. But he gets over things fairly quickly.
  • He asks for “animals” his kid apps on my phone.
  • He occasionally says “pie pie” for potty when he wants to use the bathroom. We are slowly introducing the potty to him.


  • He says please and thank you without prompting most of time.
  • He can say MANY words now.
    • outside, slide, cup, book, please, thank-you, potty, many animals names, colors, shapes, Bert(uncle Bert), nana, papa, down, sit, eat, and more!
  • He still uses the please sign and all done.
  • He will point at things when he wants them.
  • As mentioned above he will pat the ground or chair when he wants you to sit.
  • He puts his fingers to his mouth and says “eat” when he’s hungry.
  • He will point at mommy and say “momma”, point to daddy and say “dada” and so on.

Cognitive Skills

  • He will match shapes and colors.
  • He knows his colors and shapes now and will say them.
  • He has been great at putting things in size order.
  • He has been using some fun learning apps and can do matching puzzles.
  • Remembers where his toys or books go.
  • Knows where things are hidden like his crayons in the closet.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Uses utensils.
  • Can use a normal cup with minimal spilling.
  • Tries to put on pants or shirts or socks.
  • Can place puzzles pieces in the right spot a little easier now.
  • Can put his sandals on all by himself.
  • Stacks blocks.
  • Uses crayons.


His interests:

  • He loves dinosaurs, trucks and cars, animals, trains, airplanes, and books.
  • He likes to play with his learning apps on my phone.
  • He will sings ABC’s but it sounds more like “eo eo eo e”.
  • He loves to be chased and hides.
  • He LOVES playing outside and going down slides. He doesn’t care for swings.
  • He loves playing in the bathtub with the bubbles while splashing and moving around.
  • He loves playing in the bay or lake.
  • He loves making animal noises or pretending to be a dinosaur.
  • He likes throwing the rugby ball.
  • He loves throwing rocks into the water.
  • He loves sitting down and reading books with mom or dad.
  • He loves trains and making its sound.

Changes these past months

  • Haircut!
  • I weaned him completely from breastfeeding at 20 months.
  • Grown one size from 12 month to 18 months but is fitting into 24 months recently.


  • Having is diaper change!
  • Going to bed.
  • Listening to mommy and daddy(we are working on the no phase)
  • Eating anything his mommy makes him besides sandwiches, bananas, or fruit snacks. He is at the phase of being so picking and doesn’t even try things.

Behavioral Developments

  • Says no to many commands and we have to redirect him.
  • Sometimes when he’s very frustrated or does not want to do what we say he will get red in the face and yell NO. I have learned to approach him in a calmer manner to help him calm down instead of being firm. He starts to cry when he gets this way and will want to hug me for comfort. He seems scared of his own anger. I have learned how to avoid this altogether but sometimes we are human and get angry.
  • He will repeat things we do not want him to do until we physically remove him or ask him “do you want to go to bed”?
  • We choose to spank occasionally but I have learned what works without having to use that method. My husband can be more patient than me with dealing with situations that are frustrating involving Liam’s cooperation such as not wanting to eat dinner; Ben will try helping him try food. I tend to get upset and tell Liam to eat rather than sit there and help him.
  • Liam wants to be on the go and ALWAYS curious so he tends to get in trouble. Curious George!
  • He is very smart so he gets bored easily and wants to do this or that and has a hard time playing on his own because he is so social! If I leave the room long enough he entertains himself!

Two Year Appointment

  • 26 pounds
  • Healthy
  • Up to date on shots.
  • Will find the paper where it says height!

Two years have flown by so quickly! He is such a ham and being a parent is both hard and a joy! One thing I have learned is going with your gut and knowing what your child needs rather than googling or Facebooking EVERYTHING. I took time off of Facebook for Lent(not Catholic) and it was so refreshing. Take some time away from the distractions and stress and you will find your rhythm as a parent.




Liam’s Second Birthday Elmo Style

We celebrated Liam’s 2nd Birthday Saturday August 26th 2017. He had a great time opening presents, seeing his Elmo balloons, and eating his daddy’s Elmo cake.

We enjoyed the sunshine and Jimmy John’s subs while catching up with family. It was a relaxing time that was much needed.

Party Prepping

Daddy making the Elmo cake!

Making the goodies bags!


The Day of the party!







We enjoyed the day and thank you all who came and celebrated! Two years have gone by in a flash. We are excited to see what is to come with Liam’s 2nd year!

DIY Elmo Crayons

Liam had a Elmo/Sesame Street themed Birthday Party and I wanted to add something special to the goodies bags. I have always wanted to make my own crayons. I thought this was a perfect excuse!


1 Preheat your oven to 250.

2 Use a knife to cut off the paper on the crayons. If you don’t do this, you will end up frustrated with the paper not coming off!

3 If you want multi colored crayons, crush into larger pieces. I snapped them into 4ths. A little smaller would have helped them be flatter in the back. If you want one color you can crush into smaller pieces. If you crush into smaller pieces for a multi colored crayon, it will bleed too much and end up making one color.

4 Put into oven for 10 mins. Any longer will make the multi colored turn into one color.

5 Let it sit until fully cooled and pop them off. The small mini Elmo molds took about 30 mins to cool. Don’t freeze them, it makes them crack.

6 Color away!

The Real Solution to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

You may be here to find answers to your exhausting problem: your child will not sleep through the night and you’re about to check into a psych ward. You would rather put duct tape on your sunburn and rip it off than sleep another night waking up 5 times.

The solution is neither close nor far. Because your child will be ready when they are ready. Guess what mommy, the magic solution is patience. Or you just drag your feet throughout the process like I did.

You can go onto your favorite Facebook mommy group and beg for answers. You can try everything under the sun like essential oils, music, bedtime routine, daddy help, or whatever you find on the magical google. But he will not sleep until he is ready.

When will they be ready?! That is the most irritating, hair-pulling, and exhausting question a mom can ask herself.

It does have a lot to do with circumstances. Do you share a room? Do you breastfeed? Do they have health issues? Do you sing to them every night? Many things can contribute to their sleep habits. Or you have no issues and get the beauty sleep we all envy and will sell our left leg for.

Here are a few ideas that can help your child create good sleeping habits. Remember all families are different.

  • Establish a consistant bedtime routine. This helped us create a calm time for our son to know it is time to sleep. It helped him  to fall asleep on his own. It took months for him to finally sleep through the night but this helped the process.
  • Find a sleeping helper. We put an Eeyore in his bed. 
  • If your child is past 16 months and they still breastfeed at night like our son did, you can slowly wean a feed at a time until you are fully weaned. This also prevents pain. This was the only method that helped our son finally sleep through the night. Do what works for you.
  • Comfortable temperature. If it’s too hot they wake up. Too cold they wake up.
  • Night time diapers. These have helped us because the pee won’t wake him.
  • Dinner about an hr before bed. This helps keep him full all night.

These are just my experiences. If you’re going through sleepless nights, I feel you. I left my keys multiple times in my locked apartment because of sleep deprivation. I’ve locked our son in our car. I’ve tripped multiple times in the middle of the night. The list is long. Not to mention patience is rare.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Find support and remember this won’t last. Remember if something doesn’t work, don’t loose hope and don’t feel like you’re failing. Always ask for help. You got this! 

Water Wipes Review

I got the chance to try out the Water Wipes for FREE by Influenster in exchange for my honest review. I have been interested in trying them out because of the advertisement and the ingredients. This is my experience with the wipes and information about them.


What is their claim?

WaterWipes have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. They are the only wipes that contain absolutely no chemicals, just 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner.

You can find more information about their wipes by going on their website.

Where can you find these wipes? To name a few…

Our Experience 

The number one thing I noticed the most about these wipes is how wet they are. I personally like that because our current wipes are not as moist as I prefer. Water Wipes clean his bottom more effectively and quicker. I do not have to use as many wipes to clean up a better diaper mess. They seem to clean his face and hands easier as well.

They are a slightly shorter wipe comparable to other brands we have tried, however I do not mind that.

These seem to help his rashes from teething and soothe them a lot better than our current wipes. So far Liam has not shown any negative reaction and the small travel pack I received is just the right size to test these out.

Conclusion: they are very moist, smaller yet cleans well, and has no scent for those who are sensitive. 

Surprise Gift Company Review


Do you like surprises? This company sends hand-pick high quality products that are unique in the way they will surprise any friend or family for all occasions. Today I will show you what they sent me, to review. Surprise Co. sparked my interest when I saw a celebrity post about their box last year. Please excuse the beat up box, I had it in storage when we moved the beginning of the year. It was packaged beautifully. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this box for free in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Click images to see larger image

This box’s theme is spreading Happiness. I am impressed with the quality and beauty of the products. There is variety in the box and very easy to spread happiness with it’s lovely notes, bright colors, and beautiful designs. There is an amazing gift guide that does all the work for you!

What Is Surprise Gift Company All About?

So many times we aren’t sure how to respond to the kind things people do for us or know what to say when people encounter the sad situations of life. Surprise Gift Co believes in acknowledging those moment’s. Whether its a celebration or a cheer up that’s needed, don’t let the moments pass by without recognition! Life is hard, and everyone has something they are going through whether it’s wonderfully exciting or terribly heartbreaking. Our goal is to be there!

What is in this box?

  • Mini Pop up Cards
    • These are adorable and a great way to make someone smile. I love the design and how tiny they are.
  • Happiness Book
    • Filled with sayings and just feel-good quotes
  • Larger Cards
    • It comes with a fun instructional book that helps you write messages to your friends and family
  • Two journals
    • Cute designs and very great quality to write down anything and everything
  • Napkins
    • Happy themed napkins!

Where can you find Surprise Gift Company?

There are many options to choose from on their site and you can have a fun time finding special ways to say I am thinking of you. This company is full of awesome products to keep the positivity and good thoughts flowing in your life!

Which box are you most interested found in the gift guide?

-Kristina Stone


18 Months Toddler Update

Where has half a year gone?! It feels like last month we had Liam’s 1st Birthday party. This past few months have been a lot of new things and developments. Liam is growing into a toddler and less a baby. He has learned so much and his personality is showing more and more. These past six months accelerated his speech, abilities, and social skills! After the year mark life gets interesting, hard, fun, exciting, and challenging.




  • Liam started kissing on the mouth about a month ago. If Daddy or I pucker our lips and make the kissy noise after asking for a kiss Liam will kiss us on the lips.
  • He has started high fives recently.
  • He has officially starting to wave back properly or waves goodbye to his class.
  • Hugs and today he hugged me from behind as I was sitting on the ground.
  • Babbles while is reads a book with me as though he is reading it to me.
  • Hits quite often now but will be gentle after a few reminders.
  • Shows compassion when someone is hurt or sad.
  • Crying or showing signs of frustration when he doesn’t get his way.
  • Sharing with others even though he doesn’t quite understand that yet.
  • Takes turns throwing a ball with me.
  • He likes to pull us and tries to get us to stand up and has us follow him.
  • Holds hands while walking.


  • Can repeat almost clearly the words shoe, sock, tree, uh oh, no, dada, momma, and hat.
  • Sighs more, please, milk(this is new), all done without being asked! He can sometimes sign thank you when asked.
  • When he asks please he usually means for food. Today he did that and I got him a snack.
  • Says “uh oh” when he hits his head or drops something.
  • Can follow a few directions like “go build a tower”(gets blocks), “go get woody or Chaucer the Bear(gets those toys), “kisses”, “get a book”(gets a book), “clean up” (cleans) or “clean your face” after I hand him a wipe he will.
  • Sounds like he is “singing” The ABC Song.
  • Pretends to talk on the cellphone by holding is up to his ear and babbling.

Newer Intellectual or Cognitive Skills


  • He can match colors, shapes, and pictures.
    • Examples:
      • we have a cute box of little books and they have matching pictures on the cardboard container that holds each little book and he can match them in the proper places.
      • Matches puzzle pieces.
      • He can match shapes on his shape car. He can almost match all of the shapes in the proper holes.
      • He can match the colors in his All Better book. The sticker bandaids can be placed back onto their colored spot in the book and he can match them by himself.
  • He can put away things back where he got them.
  • Remember familiar songs or parts of a book and react to them, in the same way, each time.

Newer Physical Developments

  • Has 4 new teeth(top pointy and bottom molars).

Fine Motor Skills


  • Can use a spoon!
  • Can hold a pen almost correctly and pretends to write.
  • Grab small objects and place them into their proper places or containers.
  • Builds a tower with blocks or stacks toys.
  • Points at things.
  • Tries to blow air(watches me blow on his food).
  • Pushes anything that looks like an on button.
  • He tries to put on his socks and shoes. He also will bring over our shoes and knows who shoes are whose. He has tried putting my shoes on my feet or has tried putting on our shoes on his feet. It is just too cute.
  • He can put on hats.
  • Tries to put a key in our front door.



  • Liam likes to play ball.
  • LOVES to have Daddy or Uncle hold him up to the ceiling and tap it.
  • He has been obsessed with the lights and wants to have us turn it off and on. We even have him use the switch.
  • He loves anything that has a box or container so that he can take things out or put things in.
  • He likes to match things up like his puzzles or little books.
  • He likes to pretend he is talking on a phone.


  • Baths lately, but gets into it once he starts to splash around.
  • Being in the carseat.
  • Doesn’t care for cow’s milk.
  • Rice.
  • Getting his diaper changed; wiggles or screams.

Recent Behavior Developments


Liam for the past month or two has been hitting at home more and at daycare. He does this when he gets something taken away or needs to be moved. Sometimes there isn’t a clear reason. At daycare he is doing this to the smaller ones. We have been working on this.

18 Month Old Ped Appointment

Height: 2′ 7.5″ (16%)

Weight: 22lbs 8 oz (24%)

BMI: 15.94 kg/m2

He is still a little guy and is great health. I thought he may have had a reaction to the Amoxicillin that he used, but when talking to his Ped, he did not. What I saw the day after using this medication back in February was a red mark shaped like a heart on his knee that went away after about a week. About a week after he was done with the meds, he has some light red spots on his chest and back, but went away fast. She is not convinced this was related and if so, was not to be concerned about it. *I am adding this for my own records.

Liam has grown so much lately into a toddler and less like the little baby we took home in 2015.








Motherhood and Guilt

I have been working on a few things within myself to better my relationships, marriage, and become more of a patient, gentle mother/wife.

I am…

  • very impatient
  • worry too much
  • rush things
  • complain
  • and irritable; especially when hungry or stressed.

I try to work these things everyday, however fall short quite often.

After I mess up, I feel like a horrible mom or wife. For example when I yelled at our 1 year old who is just tired and doesn’t mean to stress me out. I still feel so guilty for yelling and I am trying hard to make sure the situation is better next time. This time I forgot it was nap time and tried driving to a park. It was my fault.

Motherhood. Parenthood. It is hard! I am faced with my worse side more often than I wish to and the fact is that I am molding this little human which is quite terrifying and wonderful at the same time. Some days I have things all figured out. Some days I have things out of control. Change is hard, but the best things in life are worth working hard for. We have only been parents for a little over a year, however it is still extremely hard to think of someone else more often than myself. A small person needs so much attention, time, and love.


When feeling an overwhelming amount guilt, it can be depressing. I remind myself to do better next time and plan accordingly. Dwelling only makes things worse and I will never be perfect. I can only brush myself off and move on.

There’s always a new day to try again!

Share your experiences and what you learned from it! What have you worked hard on within yourself?